My interest in Digital Humanities has been rekindled thanks to DH-IGNITE

By: Nokuthula Ndlovu (Faculty Librarian/Library Branch Manager: CPUT)

Attending DH-IGNITE as an academic librarian in social sciences has been a valuable opportunity to acquire new knowledge, network with colleagues, and discover innovative tools and methods to enhance my work. The conference has been particularly relevant to my discipline, offering resources and tools that can support my research and the research of faculty and students in my institution. The insights gained from DH-IGNITE have provided me with enriching knowledge and skills that will help advance research in my discipline and contribute to the broader digital humanities community.

Attending DH-IGNITE has taught me about data visualisation, text analysis, and mapping tools, which can help identify patterns and trends in large datasets, analyse textual content, and visualise geographic data. Incorporating these tools into my research workflow can save time, improve the accuracy of analyses, and generate meaningful insights. Furthermore, by staying up-to-date with the latest developments in digital humanities research, I can provide informed and practical support to faculty and students in my institution. DH-IGNITE has reignited my passion for digital humanities, computational social sciences, and related fields by providing a platform for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, which is increasingly important in many academic disciplines. The conference encourages participants to think outside the box and explore new ways of applying digital tools and methods to their work. DH-IGNITE has also provided solutions to the challenge of interdisciplinary research by fostering collaborations across departments and schools, leading to new research directions and funding opportunities.

DH-IGNITE presents numerous benefits for research librarians, including enhancing research skills and access to valuable resources, as well as networking and professional growth opportunities. Engaging with this community enables me to remain informed about the latest advancements in digital humanities research and provide superior support to library patrons. Additionally, DH-IGNITE serves as a valuable resource for my own professional development. By participating in DH-IGNITE workshops and training programs, I can acquire new proficiencies and expertise in digital humanities research and gain a deeper understanding of the broader implications of this field for libraries and research institutions. This can elevate my professional standing and increase my value as a valuable contributor to my organisation.

In conclusion, my participation in DH-IGNITE has proven to be an enriching experience that I enthusiastically recommend to my humanities and social sciences colleagues. The conference offers a unique chance to learn about the most recent digital humanities and computational social sciences developments and apply these methods to ongoing projects. Additionally, DH-IGNITE serves as a hub for interdisciplinary interaction and cooperation, facilitating innovative problem-solving approaches to research obstacles.